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Cashing in Casino Chips

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Can you expense casino chips on your business trip?  Sometimes.

Gambling in a casino always has its risk. But selecting a risky communication system is something casino operators would rather not bet on.

That’s why casino operators gather each year at the Tribal Net 12 conference in Scottsdale (held this past week 11/14 -11/17). The Native American Industry hosts one of the largest gaming focused conferences in the country, of which ShoreTel is proud to be a sponsor.

We have so many casino operators that choose our solutions for their internal communications. It’s an integral part of their operation which ensures their guests have a safe and enjoyable experience, no matter if they win or lose at the tables.

With ShoreTel’s lowest total cost of ownership, that always puts a few extra chips in your pocket each month to invest in resources to serve customers, and not be slave to the vendors with expensive complex systems with costly license upgrades.

Seems like an investment in ShoreTel is about the only sure bet in the casino these days.

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