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ShoreTel University

Whether you’re looking for an individual course or certification in a job related skill, you can find it all at ShoreTel University.

Our Vision and Mission:


  • We want our partners and internal/external customers to know ShoreTel so well it is easy to sell and use.


  • Improve Capability
  • Reduce cost barriers to training
  • Reduce access barriers to training
  • Align with the Champion Partner Program

ShoreTel is well known for its ease of use

Our brilliantly simple solution was built from the ground up, making it easy to manage and use. That same philosophy applies to training offerings for our ShoreTel Partners in the form of Sales and Technical certification programs and product training for their customers.

ShoreTel Partner Training & Certification

ShoreTel’s Champion Partner Program is shaped around a straightforward list of sales and technical training requirements.  The minimum requirements vary by partner tier / champion levels. 

ShoreTel University has introduced a new way to obtain Sales and Technical certification. Instead of taking a lengthy class, we are implementing a modular format called “Academies.”  An Academy is similar to obtaining a college degree. You take multiple classes that result in a degree in a particular major. ShoreTel Academies contain several modules that result in a specific Sales or Technical certification. 

The Academy format has many benefits including:

  • Completing a significant portion of training online and at your own pace
  • Reducing time away from home
  • Reducing time out of the field
  • Single enrollment for all classes
  • Easy-to-follow roadmap to certification

ShoreTel Partners just enroll in a Sales or Technical Academy through Certification Central and all the required courses are clearly outlined, removing any guesswork.

Learning Management System – Certification Central

ShoreTel Certification Central is your one-stop shop for Sales and Technical Academies or End User product courses.  By logging into Certification Central, you can enroll in Academies or individual product classes, attend online courses, or complete self-paced courses and exams.  You can also track your course status and certification.  Customers can obtain login credentials through their ShoreTel partner.  ShoreTel partners obtain login credentials through their company Super User.

ShoreTel University Training Locations

ShoreTel University Training Locations


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